Dun Fhir Mhoir Artificial Island

Surveyed May 6, 1996

NGR: NR 26522 69401


Dun Fhir Mhoir is located near the centre of Loch Fhir Mhoir, 106m from the E shore and 77m from the W. The site is accessed by a 3m wide causeway of large boulders which links it to an old shoreline 49m to the W. The causeway is composed of unevenly spaced boulders and has the defensive feature of a slight curve near it’s centre. The site may only be easily approached by means of the causeway as the water surrounding it is 3+m in depth.
The portion of the site which still remains visible from the shore, consists of a roughly circular ring of dry-stacked stone walling which rises 0.7m above the water surface. This walling has an average thickness of 2m and external diameters measuring 11.4m N-S by 13.4m E-W transversely. The interior of the site was flooded at the time of survey but lay near the waters surface and was heavily overgrown with grass and reeds. The walling which encloses the islet is well preserved and descends vertically below the water’s surface for 0.6m, giving it an average height of 1.3m. The walling still retains its vertical face except for short 1-1.5m lengths in NW and SE quadrants which have tumbled outwards into the water. Probing through the vegetation has revealed that the walling has an inner face, small 1m sections of which are visible at several points.
The base of the walling rests in the centre of a circular shaped mound of stone, measuring 17.8m N-S by 22m E-W transversely, the surface of which was roughly 1m below the water-level, at the time of survey. This mound of medium sized well-rounded stone rises above the surrounding lochbed by 0.8m and provides a walk-way around the central structure roughly 2m in width.

Outside edge of walling

Inside edge of walling

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