Eilean Ban Crannog, Loch Frisa

Surveyed October 21, 1994

NGR: NM 477 493


This site was identified by RCAHMS (1980, no.241). Eilean Ban is located 42 m off the western shore of Loch Frisa at roughly the midpoint of the loch. It is roughly circular in shape, measuring 14 x 17 m. Dry stone walling was traced around the perimeter of the structure, standing up to 1.5 m on the NE and W sides. A substantial gap was noted in the SE side of this walling which may be a boat noost or possible entrance to the structure.

Underwater investigation showed that the NW section of the crannog is built atop a sheer 4 m cliff of bedrock. The N, S and E sides, however, taper off more gradually. A search was made of the loch bed between the crannog and the shore and no evidence of a causeway was found.

Two Alder timbers were found underneath the cliff-edge projecting from the bottom of a heap of stone rubble. Each is about 0.20 m. in diameter and 5 m long. Both have been split in half and are likely to be part of the islet’s structure. One timber was sampled and produced a radio carbon date of 2200 +/- 70 b.p. (Beta-78832), setting at least one phaze of this site firmly in the Iron Age.

A section of walling on Eilean Ban


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