Surveyed May 22, 1995

NGR: NL 9698 4677


This site, identified by RCAHMS (1980, no. 246(2)) is located 82.0 m S of the large peninsula in the W end of Loch Bhasapol. At the time of survey the site was totaly submerged. The section of lochbed surrounding the site is composed of firm sand with a slight growth of vegetation and reviled no trace of a suspected causeway. At the time of survey the top of the site was covered by 0.3 m of water and showed no signs of vegitational growth. The site is surrounded by water 1.2 m to 1.5 m in depth but deepens to 2.3 m between the site and shore.

The artificial island is a circular mound of small, well rounded stone which measures 31.6 m by 34.5 m at its base. The mound is capped by a fairly level, circular platform which measures 24.0 m in diameter and stands 1.0 m above the surrounding lochbed. The sides of the mound taper out gradually at an angle of 6 degrees over and average of 5.0 m. No walling, shaped stone or timbers were found.