Eilean Mhuirell Crannog, Loch Finlaggan

Surveyed May 15, 1996

NGR: NR 38675 67377


Eilean Mhuirell is located 51m from the SE shore of Loch Finlaggan. At the time of survey, the depth of the water immediately surrounding the site was between 1.5m and 2m, with water 3+ m in depth immediately to the N and E of the islet. Eilean Mhuirell is an oval shaped mound of stone which measures 30m NW-SE by 51m NE-SW at its base, with its long axis running parallel with the S shore of Loch Finlaggan. The surface of the islet is covered with a mixture of 80% medium-sized stone and 20% large boulders. The upper platform which stands 2.5m above the surrounding loch bed is also oval in shape measuring 17.5m NE-SW by 12.5m NW-SE. The turf-covered remains of a substantial perimeter wall could be traced around the margin of the upper platform. It was not possible to make an accurate measurement of the width of the wall due to the density of the undergrowth. At the time of survey, the surface of the islet was covered with a dense growth of briars and thorns and a small tree had taken root on the S side of the site. No traces of a causeway was found connecting the site to shore.
The remains of one of the sub-rectangular buildings (building a) previously noted by the RCAHMS were still visible through the undergrowth, however the other structure (building b)was completely obscured by briars and turf. The remains of what the RCAHMS described as a boat-noost were observed in the NW sector of the site. This feature was a slight depression in the islet’s surface which was most pronounced at the water-line but which continued down to the bottom of the islet’s stone covering. The depression was 2.7m in average width but only 0.4m in average depth.


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