Knock Crannog, Loch Ba

Surveyed March 12, 1994

NGR: NM 554 389

This crannog is located 90 m from the W shore of Loch Ba and has been previously visited by RCAHMS (No.245). The site’s underwater features are unsuprisingly more extensive than those previously noted. The crannog is roughly oval in plan, measuring 25 x 30 m at its base and only 7 x 7 m at water-level. It is built on what appears to be the end of gravel outwash and rises 3 m above the surrounding loch bed. The upper surface area was quite large, roughly 21 x 23 m or 379 sq m, most of which was 0.7 m below the water level when the site was surveyed. Water 5 m in depth surrounds the site. Several circuits were made of the island and no evidence of walling, cut stone, timbers, or a causeway was found.