Ledmore Crannog, Loch Frisa

Surveyed March 11, 1994

NGR: NM 515 469

This site is located 80 m off the eastern shore of Loch Frisa in a small bay near Ledmore Farm. This site was not included in the Royal Commission’s Inventory and has not previously been labeled as a crannog.

The site is an irregularly shaped mound of loose stone, which measures roughly 22 x 24 m at its base. The stone rises steeply to form a fairly level, 10 x 12 m platform, 2.0 m above the level of the surrounding loch bed. A majority of this platform is submerged and only a small, 5 x 6 m, hump can be seen from shore.

On the S side of the site a oak timber was found projecting from the bottom of the stone spread. The visible section of the timber was 0.10 m in diameter and 1 m long. It is firmly embedded in the rubble and its position indicates that it may be part of the islet’s structure. This timber was sampled and produced a radio carbon date of 700 +/-50 b.p. (Beta-78833). This date is currently the most recient isotopic determination for a crannog from Scotland.