Loch Ardnave Crannog

Surveyed May 5, 1996

NGR: NR 28327 72630

This site is located 12m from the SW edge of Loch Ardnave and is accessed by an earthen causeway, 6.5m in width, which was just above water-level at the time of survey. It was not possible to determine whether the causeway was a natural feature but probing revealed that it was not composed of stone. The artificial island is a oval-shaped, grass-covered mound which measures 44m N-S by 50m E-W at its base, with the long axis running perpendicular to the near shore. The sides of the mound slope up gently at a 6° angle from the lochbed, and the submerged portions of the site were covered with a spread of small fist-sized stones. The summit of the mound was crowned with a circular platform, 15.5m in diameter, which stood 2m above the water-level at the time of survey. The centre of the upper platform is occupied by the remains of five slab built cist-like structures which were heavily overgrown with turf. The capstones previously noted by the RCAHMS were not present.