Loch Assapol Crannog

Surveyed May 25, 1994

NGR: NM 3980 2100

This crannog, identified by RCAHMS (1980, no. 244) consists of a submerged oval shaped mound of rounded stone measuring 14.8 m x 18.2 m at its base. None of the stone appears to be worked and it is locally available. Roughly 65% of the stone was large but of liftable size. Only a meagre proportion of small stone was noted. The stone mound breaks sharply with the surrounding loch bed of hard packed sand. Due to the lack of silting, the edge of the stone spread was clearly visible. Water depth varies between 2 and 2.5 m at the base of the stone spread, with the deepest measurement taken on the south side of the crannog.

The stone mound is crowned by a roughly level circular platform which measures 9 m in diameter. This platform was located 0.8 m below the surface of the water. No structures, walling, or timbers were visible on the platform or elsewhere on the site. The loch bed surrounding the crannog was searched and no evidence for a causeway, as previously reported, was found.


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