Loch Bharradail Crannog

Surveyed May 13, 1996

NGR: NR 39286 63642

This artificial island is located 10.5m from the N shore of Loch Bharradail, from which it is separated by a stretch of quicksand-like mud, 3m in minimum depth. The site can only be accessed by means of a causeway of medium sized stone, 2m in width and 9.5m long, which connects it to the N shore. This causeway was 0.2m below the surface of mud at the time of survey and was found by probing the mud.
The artificial island is oval in shape, measuring 29m NW-SE by 45m NE-SW at it’s base with the long axis running parallel to the near shore. The base of the site consists of a mound of gravel and small stone which slopes up gently at an 8° angle from the surrounding silty lochbed. Near the water-level the site is ringed by a 3m wide scatter of 70% medium and 30% large stones. The upper platform, which crowns the top of the site 1.7m above the surrounding lochbed, is also oval in shape, measuring 36m NE-SW by 20m NW-SE, and roughly corresponded to water-level at the time of survey. The W end of the upper platform is occupied by a roughly oval shaped, dense scatter of large boulders, which measures 15m NE-SW by 11m NW-SE. Many of the boulders are roughly rectangular in shape and have angular surfaces. As previously mentioned by the RCAHMS, the N side of this scatter is contained by a 12m long section of drystone walling, composed of large boulders standing roughly 0.5m in height. The walling runs down the centre of the upper platform, with it’s surviving face oriented to the N, it’s other face presumably obscured by the boulder scatter.