Loch Cliad #2 Crannog

Surveyed May 3, 1995

NGR: NM 2075 5884

This site, previously surveyed by RCAHMS (1980, No 247(1)), is located 80m from the N end of Loch Cliad and 40m NE of site Loch Cliad #1. It occupies the S end of an oblong, turf covered and presumably natural island measuring 58m by 140m with its long axis running perpendicular to the near shore. 70m N of the site, a causeway of large boulders, 18m long, connects the N end of the island to the N shore of Loch Cliad. The causeway bridges a section of mud, over 3m deep, which has the consistency of quicksand and is totally impassable. The island end of the causeway is blocked by a large stone slab1m high and 2m in length.

Causeway to Loch Cliad #2

The site is an oval mound of stone measuring 11.7m by 28.0m at its base, and rising 1.5m above the surrounding natural islet. Three sub-rectangular structures crown the mound and are aligned with the long axis of the loch and island. One (A) is roughly rectangular, measuring 2.9m by 6.0m internally and 5.6m by 7.8m externally. The visible sections of walling stand four courses high and are composed of medium sized, dry-stacked stone which have shaped. These walls are well defined and range in thickness between 0.5 m and 1.4 m. A secondary layer of small stone lines the interior of the structure suggesting the site has at least two constructional phases.

Structure (A)
The other structures on the islet are less well preserved. The second is located 2.9m N of A and is square in shape, measuring 2.70m by 2.85m internally. Its entrance is 0.5m wide, well defined and faces A. The external wallface of structure B is obscured by stone tumble. The stone which comprises the walls of B is slightly larger and misshapen than that of A, perhaps indicating a separate purpose or chronology. A third, slighter structure (C) is located 2.0m N of B. This structure is defined by a roughly square, 4.0m by 4.8m, single row of well rounded medium to large sized boulders.

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