Loch Corr Crannog

Surveyed May 3, 1996

NGR: NR 22636 69584

This artificial island is located 28m W of a spur which juts out from the E side of Loch Corr. The site is accessed by a substantial stone causeway of large boulders, 25m in length and 4.5m wide, which is 0.2m below the water-line.The islet is a nearly circular, stone-covered mound which measures 32m x 34m at it’s base. Below the water line, the islet is composed of well-rounded medium sized stones. The upper surface of the islet sharply contrasts this, and is composed of large angular blocks of stone. The upper platform of the site, located 2.1m above the surrounding lochbed, is also roughly circular in shape, measuring 23.5m 19m, and was covered with a dense growth of briars at the time of survey. A perimeter wall, up to 2m in thickness, encircles the upper platform just above the water-line. Although heavily overgrown, this walling still survives to a height of 2m in the SE and NE quadrants of the site.The interior of the site was accessed by a boat-noost located in the NE sector of the islet and facing deeper open water. The boat-noost is a triangular shaped depression in the islet’s surface, which measures 5m across at its entrance and extends 8m into the site from the water-line. This depression continues below the water-line to the bottom edge of the site. The interior of the site is occupied by the foundations of two subrectangular buildings which measure 3.8m by 4.7m and 6.4 by 9.7m externally. Most of the foundations still stood to 1m in height and appeared to be 0.7m and 1.1m in thickness, for the smaller and larger buildings respectively. The smaller of the two buildings is free-standing near the centre of the islet and oriented with it’s long axis NE-SW. The larger of the buildings incorporates the perimeter wall into one side and is oriented with it’s long axis NW-SE.


Walling at south end of Loch Corr Crannog