Loch Langeadail Crannog

Surveyed May 7, 1996

NGR: NR 26619 71256

This artificial island is located 28m from the S shore of Loch Langeadail. At the time of survey, the water reached a maximum depth of 1.5m between the site and shore. The artificial islet is a circular, stone covered mound which measures 26.5m in diameter at its base. The site is composed of 80% medium sized stone and 20% large boulders, and appears to be entirely artificial. The upper surface of the islet is also circular in shape, measuring 18.5m in diameter, and was heavily overgrown with willow and briars at the time of survey. The outside edge of the upper platform was found to be 0.2m below the water-level, with the remainder of the upper platform protruding into the air by only 0.25m.


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