Loch na Cloiche Crannog

Surveyed May 1, 1995

NGR: NM 2401 6107

This site was listed as a possible crannog by RCAHMS (1980 no. 249). Underwater investigation revealed that it was an artificial island. The site is located 60m off a narrow peninsula which juts out from the W shore of Loch na Cloiche. The site is surrounded by water 1m in depth and can easily be waded to from shore. No evidence was found for a causeway.

The site is a circular shaped mound of small stone which measures 15.5m by 16m at its base. An oval shaped platform, 6.5m by 8m, just above water level at the time of survey, crowns the mound and places the top of the mound 1.5 m above the loch bed. No walling was distinguishable on its surface and most of the area above water was covered by short grass. The stone which comprises the mound is local in origin, unshaped, small and easily liftable.

The submerged portion of the site tapers off gradually and has been heavily covered by silt. Its external edge was determined by probing the silts to a depth of 1.5m. It is thus likely that the basal area of the site is somewhat large than reported here. No evidence of timbers, walling or other man made features were found in the silty environment.