Loch na Gile Crannog

Surveyed May 19, 1995

NGR: NM 0260 4816

This site, identified by RCAHMS (1980, no. 250) as a “possible crannog” is located near the centre of the N end of Loch na Gile, 24 m from the W shore. It is surrounded by water less than 0.5 m in depth and is easily accessed from shore. No trace was found of a causeway noted by Beveridge even though the loch bed was probed.

The site is an oval shaped bedrock islet, which measures 18 m by 25 m at its base, that has been slightly enlarged by small stones. The islet is crowned by a level grassy platform which resembles a light bulb in shape and is 0.5 m above water level and 1.1 m above the surrounding lochbed. Only one corner of the sub-rectangular building previously identified by the RCAHMS is clearly visible, the remainder of the structure has been broken up and is indistinct. A 5.5 m long section of walling was identified on the NE edge of the platform. This walling consisted of a single course of well rounded, medium sized boulders. Underwater investigation revealed that the islet was natural and only slightly enlarged with small stones. No timbers were found.