Loch Poit na h-I Crannog, Loch Ba

Surveyed June 27, 1994

NGR: NM 313 231

This site, previously identified by RCAHMS (1980 No.252), was found to be located 65 m off the N shore of Loch Poit na h-I near Achaban House. The site is a circular mound of well rounded, water-worn, granite boulders measuring 19 m x 19 m at its base. This mound sits atop a talus of decayed granite which breaks sharply with the surrounding silty loch bed. Shallow water surrounds the crannog and it can easily be waded to from shore. The stone which composes the mound is all of liftable size and appears to be unworked, although much is severely decayed.

The mound rises 2 m above the surrounding loch bed to form a roughly circular platform measuring 12 m in circumference. This platform is very uneven and appears to be heavily disturbed by either modern human activity or severe weathering. No structures were observed on the platform although it is now heavily earthed over and vegetated. No timbers, walling or worked stone were identified. In addition, no evidence was found to indicate that a causeway serviced the site.


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