Loch Staoisha Crannog

Surveyed May 9, 1996

NGR: NR 40655 71236

This artificial island is located 45m off the W side of Loch Staoisha near the mid-point of the loch. The artificial islet is a nearly circular, stone-covered mound with a diameter of 24m at it’s base. The sides of the islet are a mass of stone rubble which breaks sharply, at an 18° angle, with the surrounding lochbed. The upper platform which crowns the top of islet is roughly circular in shape and has a diameter of 14.3m. At the time of survey, the upper platform stood 2.6m above the surrounding lochbed, 1.1m above the water-level, and was heavily overgrown with bushy vegetation and several large willow trees. The foundations of a pentagonal shaped structure, measuring 5.8m NW-SE by 4m NE-SW, were found near the centre of the islet. The foundations measured a maximum of 0.3m in height and consisted of a single course of medium sized stone.


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