Loch Urbhaig Crannog

Surveyed May 4, 1995

NGR: NM 2312 5783


This islet is located near the centre of the N end of Loch Urbhaig, c. 35m from both the E and W shores. The site is surrounded by water 1-2m in depth and fine silts which extend down at least another 3m. Extensive probing revealed no other solid features near the site; and no evidence for a causeway could be found.

The island consists of a large bedrock outcrop, measuring 22m x 36m at its base, which has been partly enlarged by large stones. Two separate sections of the bedrock extend 2m above the water line to form two natural islets which have nearly vertical sides. These islets are crowned by level, oval shaped platforms which measure 3.5m x 6.0m and 6.0m x 12.5m; neither is easily accessed from the water. Both islets are now peated over and foliated with bracken to such an extent that little can be discovered about their original surfaces. Around the E, W, and SE sides of the larger islet walling, in the form of medium sized boulders, could be seen where the peat had been washed away by storm action. Some of this walling has fallen out of the peat to form a spread of rubble at the waterline. The stone used on the islet is unshaped and appears to be local in origin.

The underwater portion of the site was almost entirely obscured by fine silt of such depth that the edge of the bedrock outcrop could not easily be established. No timbers or stone walling were observed.

A section of tumbled walling at the south end
of Loch Urbhaig Crannog.